Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bhopal Medical Appeal Campaign : A Testimony to the Power of Advertising

Here is one of the eight ads from the Bhopal Medical Appeal Campaign that have been doing rounds in the west since 1994.

Many people say that these ads are too long, and that no one has either the time, patience or enthusiasm to read long copies! But this campaign PROVES THEM WRONG. Not only are these ads read, they also generate enough income off the page to pay for themselves and run a clinic in Bhopal employing a staff of 40.

The clinic and its work are testimony to the power of advertising, because this campaign started without a single penny!

The first ad, a double page spread in the UK's Guardian newspaper ran on a personal guarantee to pay if the ad failed. Happily, the public's response was so generous that that first ad enabled the sponsors to buy a building in Bhopal, hire staff and begin training them. Fourteen years later, the sponsors have been able to give medical care to nearly 30,000 people!

This my friends is the power of advertising!!!

For a look at the other copies and details about the ads, refer to the following link which is also the source of this ad.

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